Charcoal and dry pastel rubbings of twigs reveal compositions as if unveiling images of the memory, or a celebratory nostalgia for trees.

Santa Ana

honoring the trees lost in the wildfires in Santa Ana, California in January of 2020. It is unusual to see “critical” fire weather this time of year, when it is normally colder and wet, but a combination of 60 mph-winds and relative humidity as low as 12 percent sparked and fanned flames.

Essential memories

Essential Memory series explores how memory shapes us. Serendipity emanates from the improbable pearl shapes created when applying water to glassine paper, revealed into existence by dust.

Islas San Blas

These paper sculptures came about after discovering the oceanic world through documentaries, photographs and snorkeling. I marveled at that world of beauty and silence, of nature’s invention, of seduction and intelligence; I was blown away just like a traveler in a new country.

I very naturally came to develop this sea creature archetype, which is the work of memory. Memory that has been shaped by the unexpected, by wonder.


I call them Meninas, ladies in waiting. Not in the sense of attending a queen but waiting in silence, in alertness.

The ocean is a kingdom that we’re shamelessly exploiting again. But the ocean also has its defenders, we must choose our side.


When I covered the Meninas in paint and sprayed them, I kept all the material that protected the tables. They were the negatives of the Meninas in a sense, the witness of their dressing up. They started having a life of their own.

They are unintentional and saturated drips of paint, some of them I kept as is as they had that spatial and mineral feeling to it, some others became a start for something new but always spatial.

Nereid: in Greek mythology are sea nymphs. The female spirits of the sea waters…

Choux Marins

Breath are paper and steel wire sculptures that are inspired by nature and emulate the notion of drawing in space. These pieces combine the contrasting and volatile elements of tissue paper, glassine, and air that register the movement of the earth and the passage of time.

Confinement work : Windowpane